About Us

I do not consider myself an expert. I’m just another technically inclined curious user.

GrayLineParis was created to bring washing machine and it’s technicalities to the average user.

But first, lemme tell you a little bit about me.  

Laundering is not my hobby!


I spent the last 3 years in a housing complex. We had a laundry department. Each personnel is entitled to having a set amount of clothes laundered freely each week. 

Each building in the complex also had a laundry room for those who wish to do personal laundry. Well, I chose to launder my all dress myself… just for a time.

one month turned to two… then 6. Six months turned to a year. I was gradually getting used to doing all my laundry myself… and loving it.

Who cared about washer-dryers or even standalone dryers! I love hanging my clothes on the lines to dry. 

I’ve always had laundry machines in my home from childhood, and I grew up to be a techy guy. But during these 3 years I learnt so much about laundering and washing machines.

Now my interest was picked. I was curious. I decided to learn a little more… and an added little more.

Okay! Enough of my story. The summary is: I’m here to share this “added little more”  I’ve learnt about washing machines.

I’ll pick the info, launder it, hang it on the lines to dry. All you need do is bookmark this site, and return every now and then to get your washing machine info… from the line.

 My name is Moses. Welcome to GrayLineParis.

And for the record, I’ve never been to Paris. 


Moses O

I’m not an expert. Just another curious and techy washing machine user.