Can Washing Machines Affect Wifi?

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This is an interesting question. I’m right here on my computer, connected to a wifi. Actually, I do this every day. Work with my computer, while connected to a wifi for internet accessibility.

Although washing machines produce some energy during operation, it operates at a far lower frequency range to cause wifi interference. Neither is it big enough to be a physical obstacle to wifi signal. Hence, washing machines does not affect wifi signals

Experiment On the Fly

The time is 10:54pm 

  • I’ll take a shot of my washing machine, 
  • Post it here,
  • Take my laptop with me to the washer
  • Place it on the washer. 
  • Turn on the washer for 5 minutes
  • Watch a Youtube video.

(Note: Mobile Network, especially data connection has been unusually poor of late)

How The Experiment Will Playout

If I’m able to watch the video without, it skipping, or buffering, the washing machine did not affect my wifi connection. (I hope I didn’t shoot myself in the foot)


First shots: 11:02pm

Next: The youtube video:

This is 11:09pm

Confirmation picture: 11:09:10 pm image chosen.

Buffer at 3:35 minutes into the video and 3:38

Experiment ended: 11:19

Network speed


Hotspot SourceWifi DestinationNetwork SpeedSpeed BreakDid Washing Machine affect the wifi
Android mobileHP 15 Laptop650kbps (peak speed)Smooth, except for two brief buffers.No. Although there two brief buffering, which I attribute to poor network connection in the country of late, the video as a whole played well.

The above experiment was the lamest anyone can do. I tested wifi connection at a time when the whole country is reeling with bad network coverage, with data connection being hit the most.

But it’s fine, at least we test efficiency at a time when it’s least expected to perform well.

What Causes Wifi Interference?

Different factors can interfer or disrupt wifi frequencies. But each of these does so with different intensity. Some of these are:

  • Physical blocking of wifi signal
  • Same frequency
  • Equipment producing signals or some waveform

Physcal blockage

This is easily the most common cause of wifi malfunction.

I refuse to call it interference, because I wasn’t sure, the innocent wall is interfering with the signal. 

Alright, enough of the joke. Network signal can be disrupted by any object with the right thickness, and a reflective or absorbing material. 

If your router is behind a wall, or in another room, and you have a thick wall and doors seperating you, you should expect a drop in network signal.

Washing machines does not fit this description, because of it’s relatively small size.

Same Frequency

For an interference to occur 2 or more appliances must work in the same channel frequency or are . For a washing to affect your home wifi, it must run in similar frequency to your home router or hotspot.

Now, let’s see how the 2 frequencies stack up

12800Hz900 MHz
2562.4 GHz
2563.6 GHz
2564.9 GHz

As seen in the table above, washing machines operate in a far lower frequency than wifi channels. Only bluetooth operates in similar settings.

China is the only power that operates at a lower frequency, even at that they still operate around 755–779MHz and 779MHz -787MHz

Even at this rate, it is still far above the frequency range of a working machine.

 Also here a washing machine does not fit this description of a potencial network desrupter

Equipment producing signals or some waveform

Microwaves, satellite dishes, antennas, wifi from nearby locations, or even mobile phone bluetooths do produce some waveform that can potencially interfere with your wifi signal.

But for most of these devices, the interference are usually minimal, especially when there’s reasonable distance between your wifi source and the interfering equipment.

Personal Experience

I can tell from personal experience that living in a complex with some powerful industrial washers, dryers, ironing machines and a host of AC, and water pipe circuitry, I or friends, some of which work in the laundry itself have never had issues with wifi.

In fact the whole facility is a network of free wifi. And you have no issue with wifi whether you’re working in or around the laundry or walking pass it. Wifi coverage is as good as anywhere else.

Of course, any “technician” from “google_microsoft_silicon_valley” might “prove” that, “in theory” a washing machine “can” disrupt wifi connections. 

But from the standpoint of the everyday domestic washing machine user, and in the reality of things, wifi should be the least of your concerns when buying a washing machine.

And if your wifi connection is experiencing slow connections or even a disruption, the washing machine should be your last suspect.


If the many phones in and around your home does not adversely affect your wifi, neither do the single washing machine in your kitchen or somewhere around your bathroom poses threat to your wifi’s internet connection.

Except you work in a laundry shop with a million industrial washing machines operating at a time, your washing machine should not affect your wifi’s connectivity.

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