How Many Times A Day Can I Use My Washing Machine?

How Many Times A Day Can I Use My Washing Machine
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As a starter, it is good to never set rules where there are none. If you’re interested in knowing how many times a day you can use your washing machine, it is good you know that everything discussed in this article will be analysis based on how washers work, and should not be taken as professional instructions.

Washing machines on average run a default wash operation between 49 minutes to 1hour 10 minutes. For the sake of this article, we’ll assign 1 hour 20 minutes for one wash cycle.

There are 15 hours of active day time, this is counted from 7am to 10pm. 

Divide 15 hours by 1hour 20 minutes, we’ll have 11.25 hours.

So technically if we wash continuously from morning till night, we CAN run a minimum of 11 wash cycles in a busy day.

If you wash in one wash cycle and rest the washer the next, you’ll have about 5 – 6 wash cycles in a day.

This means you can run your washing machines 5 to 6 times a days comfortably without overworking it. But can run it 11 times, maximum, in a day.

This is just an estimate, and not a law or an expert advice.

Should You Run Your Washer 11 Times A Day?

How Many Times A Day Can I Use My Washing Machine

Except in extreme situations, it is not practical to keep a washing machine running non-stop for 15 hours. For one things, washing machines operate by the spinning a motor which in turn rotates the drum (in front loaders) or agitator and impeller (in top loaders). 

The Bomann Datasheet for Household Washing Machines, estimates washing machine annual energy consumption based on a 220 wash cycles of cotton at 60 degrees and 40 degrees mixed washer load. What this means is that, the washing machine energy consumption is calculated on an estimation of 3 wash cycles in 5 days.

This estimate is reasonable because unlike commercial and business washing machines, house owners do not wash their laundries everyday.


But we’re taking this article one step further. We’ll be assuming that there are multiple households using this machine, like in a public apartment, for example.

Continuous rotation non-stop can quickly wear-out any motor. On the other hand, washing machines are heat efficient, so it will not take very long time to cool down.

This said, a laundryman can decide to pick the ‘maximum daily wash cycles and divide it by 2 or 3 for example’.

This means he is only using one third, or half of the maximum daily washing hours. That should give us about 5 to 7 wash times a day. 

Another option is to literally divide your day into 11 wash cycles, with each cycle representing 1hour 20minutes.

11 wash cycles is gotten by dividing 15 possible washing hours by 1 hour 20 minutes estimated wash duration.

At this point you can choose to wash during cycle 1 and rest the washer during the next cycle. Or wash your laundries in 2 or more consecutive cycles, and rest the washing in the next consecutive cycles.

So, you’re only using half of the 11 possible wash cycles in a day. That amounts to 5 wash cycles in one day.

Remember that this is not a rule. The principle here is to fully use the washing machine, while allowing it enough time to rest.

Can You Overuse a Washing Machine?

How Many Times A Day Can I Use My Washing Machine

Yes. The following reasons can be termed an overuse of a washing machine.

  • Continuously running a washing machine without any break in activity can be termed an over use. 
  • Also filling a washing machine to its stated maximum load capacity can result in machine imbalance during washing and spin cycles. An unbalanced drum can wear out after continuous usage over a long period of time. While many washers are able to balance themselves, constant disproportionate placement of loads in washing machines is not good for its health.
  • For a washer to function properly, it must be maintained. Washing lint filled fabrics, rubber foot mats and other plastics can clog a washing machine. This will, in turn, cause the washer to work at unfavorable conditions, affecting its performance.

Of course, washing machines are built to withstand rigorous use. A few heavy usage every now and then should not damage your washer. But continuous over usage will only reduce the machines lifespan.

How Often Should You Use The Washing Machine?

As often as you need to. Or rather as often as you have dirty laundry. Except you are a commercial laundry person, the average washing can handle your laundry needs comfortably. 

As mentioned above, you should be able to wash 5 or more washing cycles in a washing machine everyday. One 7kg washing machine can wash 6 kilograms of laundry at a go. That means you can wash 30kg of laundry in a day without over-tasking the washing machine. Even if you change clothes 3 times a day, you won’t be able to generate 30kg of dirty laundry every day.

So even a heavy user of clothes can comfortably launder them all without needing to worry where he’s using his washer too much.


How Many Times A Day Can I Use My Washing Machine

It is tempting to attach numbers to things. It gives a sense of authenticity. But no such numbers are given by industry experts, it is better to understand the concept of how things work and make personalized decisions based on one’s unique circumstances.

So, instead of worrying how many times you can use your washing machine, its better to just keep washing as long as you have dirty clothes, and there is electricity to power the washer. 

Because chances are, even in your busiest wash days, you’re probably still under-using your washing machine’s wash capacity.

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