Is it safe to use a leaking washing machine?

Is it safe to use a leaking washing machine
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Washing machine leakage is not uncommon. Laundry users are tempted to leave a leaking washer unattended because it does not stop the washing process. But don’t do that.

Operating a leaking washing machine is hazardous. You stand a risk of electrocution, fall or a slip when working or walking around a leaking machine.

Even the slightest slip is a potential life-threatening hazard to minors and older ones.

What causes washer leakage

  1. Improper door closure
  2. Loose hose connection / Insecure drain hose
  3. Oversudsing
  4. Overloading your washer

Improper door closure

Washer doors are meant to keep clothes in place. But especially for front loader, they also prevent water leakage

Because of laundry position in relation to the door, gravity is constantly acting against the laundry and water within.

Hence there is a contant of threat of leakage. To prevent this, the door, must be properly locked.

A shut down with slight opening can cause constant or even heavy leakage.

A faulty door or door hinge is a major cause of this. The door shuts and the door lock latches close, however a disfigured door frame, will still have openings. This can result in constant water leakage

Leaving washer doors open can result in accidental collision, which in turn, can disfigure door frame or affect its hinges.


  1. Make sure the door is properly closed. Wait to hear a click to ensure door locks properly.
  1. Always keep doors closed when people are around if it blocks entrance and exits or it causes an obstacle.
  1. Ensure clothes in the drum are not stuck between the door and washer frame.
  1. If problem persists, replace washer door or the machine entirely.

Loose hose connection

Did you recently work on washer. Properly you fixed a drainage issue. Chances are, there is a loose hose somewhere.


  1. Make sure all hose connections are tight.
  1. Check connection behind the washing machine.
  1. Ensure the emergency hose at the front bottom is in place.
  1. Ensure emergency drain cover at the bottom front is properly sealed.
  2. Make sure the end of the drain hose is correctly inserted and secured to the drain system


What measure of detergent do you use on each size of laundry? If you don’t know, or don’t even have a fixed measurement, changes are, you’re using too much detergent.

Some persons believe the more detergent you use, the tidier your clothes will become. They are wrong.

Using too much detergent will not make your clothes cleaner, instead it only increase suds or foams.

Excess suds in a washing machine will eventually find its way through door seal and cause leakage.


  1. Use the right amount of detergent for each laundry size.
  1. Use high efficiency (HE) detergent.

Overloading your washer

Two wash in one go! 

Where are the smart washing machines users, gather here! 

Probably you’re trying to save money on electricity and extra water

Well, the leakage in your washing machine was caused by putting 9kg laundry in an 8kg washing machine.

Overloading your washer is counter productive.

Remember the first cause: improper door closure?

This is a major cause of improper door closure. Because of excess load, your door might not shut properly.

Or some fabrics might have find their way to the door seal, creating an obstacle between the washer door and the door rim.


  1. Avoid overloading.
  2. Use a weight scale to determine amount of clothes to launder at a time.

Disadvantages of a leaking washer

Is it safe to use a leaking washing machine
  1. Electrocution
  2. Potential slip hazard
  3. Mold infection


Electric light and water worse friends. A faulty wiring can cause shock. When combined with wet floors caused by leakage, we’re talking of light-threatening electrocution.

By the way, a faulty washing grounding can cause washing machine body to shock. Often these are small shocks that are hardly noticeable by many laundry user… until the ground is wet when it becomes intense. 

These seemingly small shocks can endanger little infants who come in contact with them. And for crawling infants on a wet floor, the effect is potentially life-threatening. 

Potential Slip hazard

If you have a granny living in the home with you, then do not toil with leakages of any sort.

A leaking washer can cause someone to slip. And if the person is elderly, it can easily result in fracture bones or sprained or dislocated joints.

Also when it comes to slips, no one in a household is immune.

Mold infection

Molds and moisture are inseparable. If you leave a leaking washing machine unattended to, it’s only a matter of time before some mold infestation.

Apart from the fact that molds easily grow in moist environment, molds are also very difficult to treat. Unless the cause of the infection is first removed.

For some persons, molds are a minor inconvenience that should be taken care of at one’s convenience, but other people react to it. 

If a member of the family reacts to mold, it might be difficult to link the reaction to molds caused by washer leakage, hence the possibility for minor reactions to become worse because of a lack of diagnosis.

Can a washing machine leak when not in use?

Is it safe to use a leaking washing machine

Keeping your washing machine door shut, especially front loaders, can cause it to leak. 

  1. For one thing, without power, the door lock is likely to latch. So there is a high possibility that your washer door was not properly shut.
  1. A closed door reduces evaporation, and increases the possibility of mist building on door walls. 

As temperature increases, these liquid drops through the door seal as leakages.

  1. Some uses their washing machine to store water. Don’t door that. Washing machines are built to store water. 

But if you store some in your washer, then probably you’re the creator of your washing machine leakages.


It is tempting to keep using a leaking washing machine. After all, your neighbor has been using his for the past 6 months and nothing has happened… yet.

But wise people don’t wait for bad things to happen before taking due caution.

Even if the cost of fixing a leaking washer is more than you budgeting, the peace of mind that comes with using a safe appliances is worth more than any amount spent fixing a leaking washer.

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