Should you fold laundry right after drying?

Should you fold laundry right after drying
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Whether you air dry or machine dry your clothes, one thing is for sure, you’ll have to decide how best to preserve them after drying. Should you fold laundry right after drying?

I for one, fold my clothes, or for shirts and similar clothes, I hang them on the wardrobe right after drying? Is there a science behind this or is it just a common sense? I guess it’s a mix of both.

I’ve never being an advocate of folding or hanging clothes long after drying. Maybe it’s because I like things being organized, especially wardrobe.

But a few years ago, I came across a British guy who always fold his clothes in the public laundry room. Well I also fold my clothes, but not until I get to my room. And sometimes due to tiredness, I don’t fold until several hours later. Or later that day or the next.

But I also spend far more time ironing those annoying creases from my clothes.

But then I decided to imitate this guy. I started folding my clothes in the laundry room too, imidiately i remove them from the dryer. I fold those I need to fold and carry the rest meant for the hanger straight to my room and hang them imidiately. 

I no long use my laundry bag to carry dry laundered clothes. Then it begin to dawn on me: I spend less time ironing. I sometimes choose not to iron my casual shirts.

I started noticing this guy’s shirts and realize that they are not always ironed, but they have little or no crease on them.

Bingo! So, this was why this fellow folds his clothes in the laundry room!

So today, if asked ‘should you fold laundry right after drying?’ I’ll answer with an emphatic Yes.

But what is the logic behind folding your clothes after washing asap (As Soon As Possible)? Here take a look at some of them.

Advantages of folding clothes right after drying

Should you fold laundry right after drying
  1. It reduces creases and wrinkles
  2. It leaves the home neat and organized
  3. It prevents stuffy odor in laundry
  4. Helps in space management

It reduces crease

After each drying circle, most modern dryers, spend the 10 minutes, or more, to remove crease or wrinkles. It’s called different name in different dryer models, but they all have one purpose to: to reduce the wrinkles from your laundered clothes.

But then most clothes are so wrinkled and rumpled when they’re ready for to be worn that most persons decide to iron before wearing them. So when did this ‘de-wrinkled’ clothes from the dryer pick up the wrinkles? It is after drying but before wearing.

As clothes are packe together, they take up different shapes and are stuffed in different positions with each of the clothes taking a new shape. Sadly after some time, often time even a few minutes, they become rumpled, needing ironing to look neat again.

Folding clothes after washing help prevent this from happening. Folding clothes while they are fresh from the dryer or lines, will help to stretch them further causing them to have neat fine lines from from the folder angles. 

These lines look nicer than the disorganized looks of a rumpled garment. Also if the folded clothes are packed into a fixed enclosure, a wardrobe, a traveling back or luggage back, for example, they press on each other causing the wrinkles to stretch neatly.

For this one reason alone, it is better to fold laundry right after drying. But there is more.

It leaves the home neat and organized

Should you fold laundry right after drying

Whether you dry you clothes in the bedroom, on the lines outside or in a dryer, folding clothes right after drying is an indicator of organization. One way to mess up your room is to leave clothes flying everywhere. Sometimes beds and mattresses are used as backups to wardrobes.

Many  see this kind of environment as unkempt or sometimes dirty. What the viewer might not realize is that a good percent of these scattered clothes are actually clean clothes, straight from the laundry from the laundry.

As mentioned in this article, many persons wash clothes, pack them up and plan to arrange them afterward. But this plans usually end in the planning phase. The result is a neat pile of clothes waiting to be arranged.

After some time, the neat pile of clothes begins to be displaced, one cloth at a time. When you’re ready to fold them, they’re all over the place, overwhelming and may have some offensive odors of some sort.

The problem is usually procrastination.

The remedy to this ‘disorganization pandemic’ is to fold clothes right after washing. Or maybe to hang them neatly… right after washing. The key is to arrange laundry and to do so right after drying, when the mind is still in ‘laundry mode’.

It prevents stuffy odor in laundry

Closely related to disorganisation is unpleasant odor. Even after drying, some clothes might still retain a tiny amount of moist. This is especially so, when clothes of mixed sized and weight are dried in one mix. This can result in some clothes drying thoroughly, and others, not so much.

Folding clothes straight from the dryer and lines will help to:

  • Identify those needing further drying
  • Separate these garments, one from the other.

When this is skipped and clothes are mixed, post-drying, it creates a breading ground for bacteria and fungi, which in turn give off offensive odors. 

In extreme cases, mold builds up in recently washed clothes, creating a need for further washing. This can be prevented when you fold laundry right after drying.

Helps in space management

Clothes are not left in the dryer after drying. They are usually pack and dropped in some location in the home with the hope of arranging them later. If you’re able to arrange them later, you would have temporarily reduced the available space in the home.

If you’re unable to arrangement them when you plan to, you would not only have reduced the space in the home for a longer time. Piled clothes are at best an obstruction and in worse cases are trip hazard.

Stepping on piled washed clothes can be deadly to minors and elderly occupants in a home. But can be prevent with one simple step: fold clothes as soon as they are removed from the dryer or brought in from the lines.


Of course the decision to fold clothes, or hang them up, right after drying is a personal one. But the benefits are worth the extra effort.

As mentioned above, they:

  • Reduce creases and wrinkles from garments
  • Leaves the home neat and organized
  • Prevents stuffy odor in laundry
  • They help in space management
  • Can prevent trips and falls

Also the mere thought that you have finished what you started can result in a feeling of fulfillment to a busy laundry day.

By all means, you can fold or hang dried clothes at any time of your choice, but the best of them all is: right after washing.

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