What Generator Size Do I Need To Run A Washing Machine?

What Generator Size Do I Need To Run A Washing Machine
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Whether you going camping, you’re experiencing some temporary blackout, or you simply live in a country with poor electric infrastructure, you’ll need a generator to power your washing machine from time to time.

But not all generator can power your appliance… but most can.

How many watt generator do you need to run a washing machine?

As a general rule, your washing machine can run on any generator whose wattage is greater than that of the washing machine.

For example, if your washing machine is a 2000w washing machine, it can run on a 3000w generator (3kW).

If you use a HE washer of 500w, then a 2000w generator can power it.

But this is not always practical. Except you have a dedicated generators simply for carrying your washing machine only, simply buying a slightly higher generator won’t do.

When other appliances are plugged in to a socket, they add to the load the generator carries, which will eventually affect the washer operation.

If you need to carry more than just your washing machine, a safe way to know what generator to buy is to add up the wattage of all the major appliances in your house and multiply the result by two.

The table below gives the average wattage the major household appliances. You can use this as a guide to figure how much wattage your appliances consume.

AppliancePower Consumed (Watt)Washing Machine Comparism (1:?)
Washing Machine20001
Mobile phone11.6172
Electric pressing iron1600 – 20001
LED Light bulb9222
Solar Security light10020
Electric hair clipper15133
Electric cooker (1 plate)15001.3
Ceiling fan100W (at full speed)20

You can also check the data sheet usually attached to all appliances or simple search the model name plus data sheet or specification on a search engine.

When you’ve gotten all the power specifications of all your major appliances, multiply the result by two.

This is why: most appliances that runs on electric motor needs about twice the operational power to startup. This is called a starting watt.

So if your ceiling fan uses 100w during operation, for example, it will need twice that power, that is 200w, to power up. After that is uses 100w for continuous rotation.

As mentioned earlier, if your generator will only carry your washing machine, you don’t need the extra calculations.

Can a 6000W generator run a washing machine?

What Generator Size Do I Need To Run A Washing Machine

A 6000w or 6kW generator can power practically any household washing machine. What is more, it can power smaller appliances along with the washer.

For example, it can power 

  • A washing machine,
  • A laptop
  • A microwave
  • Your ceiling fan
  • And a TV and video set.

And it will still be withing its capacity,

In another words, a 6kW generator be used to operate 2 washing machines.

Generator Power Rating (in wattage)Number of 2000W washing machine at a timeNo. of 1500W Washing Machine                                                      No. of 1000W Washing MachineNo. of 500W Washing Machine
20001 High Efficency1 High Efficiency12

Can a generator damage a washing machine?

What Generator Size Do I Need To Run A Washing Machine

Aside from a generator’s power rating, the generator must be in good condition. It should be able to output a steady current, for long period of time, without flunction.

Spikes in a generator’s output voltage can damage a washing machine’s circuit board components.

As an added protection, you should connect your washing machine to a stabilizer (I don’t use mine with a stabilizer, because my power output is steady) that will output constant voltage.

This will prevent damage to your washing machine.


Washing machines though powerful, can be powered by most household generators.

Whenever I run mine, I ensure I run other items to it, to maximize every petrol spent.

If you’re unsure the power rating of your generator, then power it on, and connection only your washing.

A better way out will be to check the user manual that came along with it. Some generators have their power rating boldly written around the switch area. Or better still, simply search your generator model on the internet for its specification.

Having a backup power source, like a generator, can make laundry operation possible no matter the time or circumstances.

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